Interpreting a difficult subject

It’s tragic to consider just how many people’s lives have been affected, whether through personal experience or through a loved one, by sexual assault. From every angle, it’s a difficult topic to broach and in the wake of an act so horrific and unfair, every emotion imaginable can surface. Late last year, a close friend asked if I would like to shoot for the January issue of Angelic Magazine, the theme — sexual assault.

The days leading up to the shoot were spent thinking about how to respectfully approach this theme. I prayed about how to interpret a topic that involves so many emotions and that could be approached from almost any direction. I repeatedly found my thoughts returning to a few specifics — I had to express feeling unclean and alone, and the model had to be male.

On the day of our shoot, we found our way into a space carpeted in half an inch of dirt with cold pockets of light. We started with a plan but, after walking around a bit, there was a clear mood in the air. We ditched the plan and let the emotion behind the shoot be our guide.

Thank you Connor for hanging out on this day, you are a pleasure to work with. Michelle, thank you for inviting me to join your Angelic family this month. Jesse, thank you for creating such an inspiring collection of art in Angelic Magazine. I’m honored to have been included in such a meaningful issue.